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Zin Eddine Dadach

Zin Eddine Dadach
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Zin Eddine Dadach is. Zin Eddine Dadach obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Refining and Petro-chemistry from the Algerian Institute of Petroleum in 1980. He received his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Stevens Institute of technology
(Hoboken, N.J.; USA) in 1984, and his Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from Laval University (Quebec, Canada) in 1994. He worked in an organic materials department at the Osaka National Research Institute (Osaka, Japan) for two years. His scientific research activities include CO2 and H2S absorption by amines, biomass conversion for the production of fuels and Monte Carlo simulation of stochastic processes.

Since he joined the Higher Colleges of Technology (Abu Dhabi, UAE) in 2005, Dr. Dadach has developed active learning strategies to enhance the motivation of students. He supervised a number of student’s final industrial projects including Stripper High Differential Pressure, Sea water back pressure tower foaming, Effluent system salt formation, Carbon Capture and Storage strategies, simulation of chemical processes, and exergy analysis of power generation plants.

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